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Wandeegroup is at the forefront of the construction industry in Pattaya. Whether you are looking for a great team of builders or professional construction services, Wandeegroup is the one not to miss. Our service is built up second to none. We serve as an all-in-one construction company from design consulting to inspection, and state-of-the-art construction up to finishes and hand-over. We build turn-key projects including condominiums, resorts, and hotels. Explore our guide for construction excellence.

Turn-Key Construction for Real Estate Projects

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Wandeegroup Asia: Leading Construction Company and Home Builder

Wandeegroup Asia is a leading construction company and home builder based in Pattaya, Thailand, renowned for its expertise in luxury residential projects and condominium construction. With a commitment to innovation and precision, Wandeegroup Asia, under the visionary leadership of architect Mario Kleff, has set the benchmark for excellence in structural engineering.

Wandeegroup Asia & Kleff: Structural Engineering Excellence

Quality and Precision: Wandeegroup Asia distinguishes itself by prioritizing quality and precision in every aspect of its operations. Unlike many construction projects that rely heavily on subcontractors and foreign labor, Wandeegroup Asia emphasizes the involvement of local experts. With a dedicated core team of over 50 Thai professionals, including foremen with extensive experience in house construction and condominium development, the company upholds the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Wandeegroup Craft Homes with Professional Construction

Signature Architect: Mario Kleff: Mario Kleff, revered as the Signature Architect of Wandeegroup Asia, spearheads the company's exceptional architectural designs. Through his firm, MK Architects Pattaya, Kleff ensures that each project reflects the pinnacle of design innovation and craftsmanship. Under his discerning leadership, Wandeegroup Asia continues with Mario Kleff as the CEO to push the boundaries of architectural excellence, setting new standards for residential construction in Pattaya.

Wandeegroup: Overcoming Obstacles in the Thai Construction Business

Wandeegroup has overcome obstacles and issues commonly found in the Thailand construction business. As a family-owned construction business, we have developed over a decade and acquired the knowledge to ensure quality and safety while adhering to budget constraints and build standards.

Founded as Wandeegroup (Thailand) in 2005, the company rebranded as Wandeegroup Asia in 2021. Additionally, our partner firm, Wandee Real Estate & Services, has been serving clients since 2003.

Explore Our Key Projects

Wandeegroup has been in business since 2005. We have delivered a large number of projects and are always ready to take on more. Our portfolio includes various luxury residential projects, condominiums, resorts, and hotels. With each project, we aim to exceed client expectations through meticulous planning, innovative design, and flawless execution.

Luxury Pool Villas: Wandeegroup Asia's portfolio boasts an exquisite collection of luxury pool villas, each showcasing innovative design and uncompromising quality.

  1. Japanese House II, (Award Winner)
  2. Majestic Residence Villa, (Award Winner)
  3. Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas, (Development)

Upscale Condominiums: From sleek urban residences to waterfront retreats, Wandeegroup Asia's condominium designs redefine luxury living in Pattaya.

  1. Wongamat Tower: Icon of Modern Architecture by Mario Kleff, (38-Floors High-Rise)
    Project Wong Amat Tower Pattaya: FAQs & Details.
  2. The Touch®, (31-Floors High-Rise)
    Project Mario Kleff Project Information.
  3. Laguna Heights, (8-Floors Low-Rise)
    Project Information and Facts.
  4. Suan Sawarn and The Ivy Jomtien, (Condominium Complex)
    From Suan Sawarn to The Ivy Jomtien: Architectural Copyright.
  5. Club Royal: Beachside Luxury Designed by Wandeegroup & Kleff, (Condominium Complex)
    Heights Holdings sales brochure Mario Kleff Club Royal Condominium Wong Amat.
  6. Park Royal 1 Condominium, (8-Floors Low-Rise)
    Project Information on Build Pattaya.
  7. Park Royal 2 with Cellular Beam, (8-Floors Low-Rise)
    More information on Mario Kleff used cellular beam technology for Park Royal 2.
  8. Park Royal 3 Condominium, (8-Floors Low-Rise)
    Project Mario Kleff used cellular beam technology for Park Royal 2.
  9. Laguna Bay Condominium, (8-Floors Low-Rise)
    More information on Build Pattaya Laguna Bay.
  10. South Beach Boutique Chic, (Award Winner)
    Project Information on Build Pattaya.

For more projects: Enter Buildings and interior designed by the architect Mario Kleff.

Project Sizes

Wandeegroup Asia undertakes projects ranging from 500 to 30,000 square meters, catering to both small-scale and large-scale developments. (Approximately 5,382 to 322,917 square feet)

Good Reads (PDF-Files, English) about Wandeegroup before 2012:

* Please note that the term "Star Architect" is a false claim, created by the developer Heights Holdings to enhance design and sales for their development projects designed by Wandeegroup and Mario Kleff. Consequently, the press published severe articles with this claim. These press articles were later removed from online presence and now exist only in PDF format as shown on this site.

Advertisements from Heights Holdings

Find Out More: Mario Kleff and His Team

Mario Kleff: Best Architect and Construction Team in Pattaya: Under Mario Kleff's leadership, Wandeegroup Asia continues to innovate and excel in the construction industry. Kleff's architectural prowess, combined with professional architects and a solid construction team, ensures that each project is executed with the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship.

Why Choose Wandeegroup?

Wandeegroup is more than just a construction company; we are your partners in creating exceptional living and commercial spaces in Pattaya. Explore our services, meet our team, and discover how we can make your construction dreams a reality.

Question & Answers

General Queries

What sets Wandeegroup apart as the leading builders and construction company in Pattaya?
Wandeegroup stands out due to its comprehensive range of services, from initial design consulting to final hand-over. They focus on delivering high-quality, turn-key projects including luxury residential homes, condominiums, resorts, and hotels. Their commitment to quality construction, combined with local expertise and the visionary leadership of architect Mario Kleff, ensures exceptional results that meet the highest standards.

How does Wandeegroup ensure the quality and precision of their construction projects?
Wandeegroup ensures quality and precision by prioritizing the involvement of local experts and maintaining a dedicated core team of over 50 Thai professionals. They rely less on subcontractors and foreign labor, which allows them to uphold stringent quality control measures. Regular inspections, adherence to building codes, and the use of high-quality materials further guarantee the excellence of their construction projects.

How does Wandeegroup ensure regulatory compliance and quality in their construction projects?
Choosing Wandeegroup for a turn-key construction project offers numerous benefits, including a seamless process from design consulting to hand-over. Their expertise in handling luxury residential, condominium, resort, and hotel projects ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. The company's focus on quality, precision, and local craftsmanship results in durable, aesthetically pleasing structures.

Who is Mario Kleff, and what role does he play in Wandeegroup's success?
Mario Kleff is the signature architect and CEO of Wandeegroup Asia. He leads the company with a focus on innovative architectural designs and structural engineering excellence. Through his firm, MK Architects Pattaya, Kleff ensures that each project reflects the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship. His visionary leadership and commitment to pushing architectural boundaries have been instrumental in Wandeegroup's success and reputation in Pattaya.

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