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Mario Kleff Standard for Architecture Excellence in Pattaya

At the forefront of Pattaya's real estate and architectural scene stands Wandeegroup Asia, a construction development company, led by the visionary signature architect Mario Kleff. Renowned for their steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and unparalleled excellence, Wandeegroup Asia Company Limited has become synonymous with architectural prowess in the region.

Wandeegroup Highlighting Mario Kleff Design

Highlighting Mario Kleff's Design Legacy

With a rich legacy of delivering exceptional results, Wandeegroup Asia consistently emerges as the top choice for discerning clients seeking the pinnacle of architectural ingenuity. Now, let's delve into guide to new builds and explore the history of Wandeegroup Asia along with their great team of builders.

Wandeegroup Featuring Mario Kleff Architecture Design

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The Visionary Architect: Mario Kleff

Architectural Philosophy and Approach

Mario Kleff’s design philosophy centers on merging modern aesthetics with functional living spaces. His innovative approach ensures that each project not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

Wandeegroup Featuring Mario Kleff Condominium Interior

Wandeegroup Featuring Mario Kleff's Infinity Pool Design

Wandeegroup Featuring Mario Kleff's Architectural Design Condo-House

Condominium Projects by Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup

Between 2006 and 2024, Mario Kleff has designed an impressive portfolio of fifty 8-storey condominium buildings, with thirty-eight of these projects located in the Chon Buri and Sattahip regions of Thailand. Wandeegroup has played a pivotal role in many of these developments, serving as the general contractor for six projects and overseeing the construction process for an additional two.

Wandeegroup Asia and Mario Kleff Created Club Royal Condominium v1-v3

Wandeegroup Asia and Mario Kleff Created Club Royal Condominium Version 2

Client Testimonials

Future Plans and Innovations

Upcoming Projects

Mario Kleff has prepared new real estate options in the form of two developments: a luxury 8-story condominium and an ultra-luxury design for private residences in Pattaya.

Zenith Residences Pattaya

Under the expert craftsmanship of Wandeegroup Asia, Zenith Residences epitomizes construction precision, featuring stellar concrete and steelwork along with advanced tech integrations. Each home boasts premium interiors, setting a gold standard for luxury living on the East Coast in the Chonburi region.

Château de Kleff

Coming soon.

Wandeegroup and Mario Kleff Chateau de Kleff Condominium

A team that provides customers with the best, sales-based outcome for the real estate industry since 2005:

Wandeegroup Asia and Mario Kleff

Wandeegroup Bungalow Design 2006

Wandeegroup Townhouse Design 2006

What the Leaders Do

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Question & Answers

Quick information that could be of interest

Who leads Pattaya's architectural domain?
Mario Kleff, renowned for his modern residential designs.

What pricing does Wandeegroup Asia and Mario Kleff operate on?
Generally, charges hover between 10%-15%, flexible for extensive projects.

Wandeegroup Asia's hallmark?
Luxurious pool villas and elite condominiums stand testament to their expertise.

Availability of 3D visuals and CGI before construction?
Yes, with advanced computational capacities ensuring swift, intricate visuals.

Iconic creations by this collaboration?
The illustrious Wong Amat Tower, Park Royal ensemble, and the sophisticated Laguna Heights feature in their repertoire.

Do they venture into renovations?
They primarily champion innovative, new constructions.

Architectural or construction-focused?
Wandeegroup masterfully integrates both, crafting comprehensive solutions.

Compliance with building regulations?
All creations align with pivotal standards, including rigorous Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

Why the acclaim for Wandeegroup in Pattaya?
Wandeegroup's rich history, forward-thinking approach, relentless pursuit of perfection, and their transformative influence make Mario Kleff an architectural luminary in Pattaya.

Wandeegroup Management

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Chief Executive Officer

Nittaya Wongsin
Chief Operating Officer

Waraporn Na-Lampang

Mario Kleff
Signature Architect Biography

Mario Kleff
Germany in the 1990s

Thiti Teerachin
Wandeegroup Asia Director & Author

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