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Wandeegroup in cooperation with the Pattaya-based architect Mario Kleff ™
• Experts in brutalist and minimalist architecture
• Offer state-of-the-art engineering design solutions
• Provide Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and planning permit
• Serve architectural design and construction of exterior and interior
• Work with high-performance computers and render farm
• Build with the highest quality of steel and concrete
• Specialize in cellular beam and box girder design

For more information email info@wandeegroup.com

General Questions on Architecture Firm and Architect in Pattaya
There is the architect Mario Kleff ™ — professionally in the design of villa and condominium in Pattaya.
Mario Kleff ™ is an architect and engineer who monitors the construction process.
There is a fee of 10% - 15%, which is negotiable on larger projects.
Construction of luxury pool villa and premium condominium development.
Wong Amat Tower, Park Royal 1, Park Royal 2, Park Royal 3, Laguna Heights ...
Wandegroup Asia Co Ltd is architecture firm and construction company.
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and building permit.