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Transformation of Wandee's Suan Sawarn to The Ivy Jomtien

The transformation of Suan Sawarn to The Ivy Jomtien indeed marks a significant milestone in Pattaya's real estate landscape, underscoring Wandeegroup's dedication to innovative and quality-driven architectural solutions and construction supervision. This rebranding not only enhanced the aesthetic and functional aspects of the condominium complex but also elevated its status in the market, showcasing Wandeegroup's capability in delivering exceptional residential projects. "However, questions arise regarding sales competition, as Suan Sawarn Phase 1 was sold out within weeks after its launch in 2007" — Nittaya Wongsin

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CGI of Wandee's Suan Sawarn sold out in 2007

Showroom Duplex Unit Suan Sawarn Jomtien in 2007

A New Era in Pattaya's Condominium Market

Introduction to The Ivy Jomtien

The Ivy Jomtien stands as a testament to innovation and modern living in Pattaya's vibrant real estate market. Formerly known as Suan Sawarn Condominium, this remarkable transformation highlights the evolution of a budget-friendly housing complex into a contemporary and desirable residential destination.

Model of Wandee's Suan Sawarn today's The Ivy Jomtien

Master plan of Suan Sawarn today's The Ivy Jomtien

Visionary Architect: Mario Kleff

At the heart of this transformation is Mario Kleff, an architect renowned for his ability to blend modern design with practical functionality. Mario's architectural prowess was fundamental to reimagining Suan Sawarn into The Ivy Jomtien. Without his excellence in architectural design, The Ivy Jomtien could not stand out as a successful rebranding in the market.

Originally, Suan Sawarn consisted of four phases, encompassing a total of 13 condominium buildings. Mario Kleff is the sole creator of this project and delivered the architectural blueprints, engineering plans, scale model, and CGI imagery to the developer team.

Words from Gordon Keith Gillen

"Mario, upon being briefed, can conceptualize, design, and technically specify projects with efficiency, as evidenced by the design of 6 condominium buildings in just a week for Suan Sawarn's third and fourth phases. Mario Kleff is a master architect in condominium design."

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 01

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 02

The Evolution Process

Initial Concept of Suan Sawarn

Initially developed as Suan Sawarn Condominium, the project was notable for its affordability, offering units priced at one million Baht. Despite working with a maximum construction budget of 10,000 Baht per square meter, Mario Kleff introduced innovative duplex living concepts, setting a new standard for economical housing in Pattaya.

Strategic Rebranding to The Ivy Jomtien

In the pre-2020 period, a strategic decision was made to rebrand Suan Sawarn as The Ivy Jomtien. This rebranding was not merely a change of name but a comprehensive upgrade in design, facilities, and overall living experience. The transformation aimed to attract a more upscale market segment while retaining the original charm and affordability of Suan Sawarn.

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 03

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 04

Architectural Excellence

Mario Kleff’s Bauhaus Influence

The Ivy Jomtien showcases Mario Kleff's affinity for Bauhaus design, characterized by its functional aesthetics and minimalistic elegance. This design philosophy ensured that The Ivy Jomtien stood out with its sleek lines and modern appeal, despite the use of light and economical materials.

Key Architectural Features

Developer’s Vision

Gordon Keith Gillen’s Role

Gordon Keith Gillen, CEO of TAG Group, played a pivotal role in the transformation. His vision for a modern, upscale residential complex was brought to life through the collaborative efforts with Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. Gillen’s appreciation for Mario's ability to conceptualize and execute designs efficiently was a driving force behind the project’s success.

Project Critics

Architectural and Structural Innovation

While the rebranding to The Ivy Jomtien has garnered numerous accolades, it's important to note that Mario Kleff, the original architect of Suan Sawarn, may not have been appropriately credited for his contributions to the project's architectural and structural designs. This oversight in acknowledging Kleff's expertise and creative input raises questions about the transparency and recognition within the industry.

Continued Legacy

The Ivy Jomtien is one among the many real estate projects designed by Mario Kleff in Pattaya, further cementing his reputation as a leading architect in the region. His innovative designs continue to influence the city's skyline, contributing to Pattaya's architectural evolution

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 05

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 06

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 07

Conclusion: The Ivy Jomtien’s Impact

The transformation from Suan Sawarn to The Ivy Jomtien is a remarkable journey that underscores the dynamic nature of Pattaya's real estate market. It highlights how visionary design and strategic rebranding can redefine a residential complex, enhancing its appeal and setting new standards for urban living. As Pattaya continues to grow, The Ivy Jomtien stands as a beacon of architectural excellence and innovative real estate development.

Copyright and Acknowledgment

Mario Kleff maintains sole copyright ownership of the architectural designs for The Ivy Jomtien, rebranded from Suan Sawarn Condominium. All advertisements, publications, and promotional materials related to this project must explicitly acknowledge Mario Kleff as the architect. Failure to do so will constitute a violation of copyright law. Thank you for respecting the creative contributions of the architect.

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 08

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 09

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 10

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 11

Construction site Suan Sawan Jomtien 12

Question & Answers

General Queries

What is the significance of the transition from Suan Sawarn to The Ivy Jomtien?
The transition represents an evolution in architectural design, showcasing continuity and innovation while emphasizing the importance of preserving design integrity.

Who is Mario Kleff, and what role did he play in these projects?
Mario Kleff is the mastermind behind the architectural designs of both Suan Sawarn and The Ivy Jomtien, emphasizing Bauhaus-inspired aesthetics and affordability.

Why are architectural copyrights important in this context?
Architectural copyrights protect the creative contributions of architects like Mario Kleff, ensuring recognition, preserving design legacies, and fostering innovation in the architectural industry.

What are the consequences of disregarding architectural copyrights?
Ignoring architectural copyrights can lead to a loss of recognition for architects, undermine design integrity, result in legal ramifications, and stifle innovation within the architectural community.

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