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Heights Holdings Laguna Bay: A Design by Mario Kleff

In Pattaya's thriving real estate market, it is uncommon to acknowledge the architects behind significant housing developments. However, the Laguna Bay Condominium project, designed by Mario Kleff, director of Wandeegroup Asia, stands out for its exceptional design and strategic planning. This article delves into the architectural brilliance of Laguna Bay, showcasing the meticulous work of Mario Kleff and the contributions of Wandeegroup Asia.

Laguna Bay Condominium by Mario Kleff

Master Plan of Laguna Bay Condominium

A Vision Realized

Located on Phra Tamnak Hill, Pattaya, the Laguna Bay Condominium master plan was conceived by Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup Asia. Initiated on January 23, 2010, the project exemplifies a harmonious blend of modern design and functional living spaces.

Mario Kleff's Master Plan of Laguna Bay Condominium

Street View and Exterior Design

The street view of Laguna Bay Condominium reflects its sophisticated architecture. The exterior design, finalized by Mario Kleff, features clean lines and contemporary aesthetics that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment.

Street View of Laguna Bay Condominium by Mario Kleff

Architectural Highlights

Left and Right Side Views

Both the left and right side views of Laguna Bay Condominium showcase the thoughtful architectural design that characterizes the entire project. Each angle of the building offers a unique perspective on its structural elegance.

Left Side of Laguna Bay Condominium by Mario Kleff

Interior and Rooftop Features

From the master plan to the interior and rooftop decoration, Mario Kleff's influence is evident throughout. The minimalist interior design emphasizes simplicity and functionality, with exposed concrete construction offering a modern, industrial feel.

Roof Top Pool of Laguna Bay Condominium by Mario Kleff

Rooftop Jacuzzi Pool

One of the standout features is the rooftop jacuzzi pool, providing residents with a luxurious amenity and panoramic views of Pattaya.

Interior Spaces

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom, designed by Mario Kleff, embodies the minimalist approach, offering a serene and comfortable space for visitors.

Guest Bedroom in Laguna Bay Condominium by Mario Kleff

Living Area

The living area combines spaciousness with style, featuring open layouts and contemporary decor.

Living Area in Laguna Bay Condominium by Mario Kleff

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a sanctuary of tranquility, with sleek design elements and ample natural light.

Master Bedroom in Laguna Bay Condominium by Mario Kleff

Scale Model of Laguna Bay Condominium

A Detailed Representation

The scale model of Laguna Bay Condominium, meticulously crafted by Wandeegroup Asia under the guidance of Mario Kleff, serves as a detailed representation of the project's architectural vision. This model played a crucial role in visualizing the final structure, aiding in both design refinement and stakeholder presentations.

Scale Model Laguna Bay Condominium by Mario Kleff

Craftsmanship and Precision

Every aspect of the scale model was created with precision, highlighting the intricate details of the Laguna Bay project. From the exterior facade to the layout of individual units, the model provided a comprehensive preview of the development, ensuring that every element met the high standards set by Mario Kleff and his team.

Scale Model Laguna Bay Condominium (Left Side) by Mario Kleff

Utilization in Marketing

The scale model was also an essential tool in the marketing and sales process. By offering potential buyers a tangible and visually accurate depiction of the condominium, it helped convey the quality and sophistication of the development, thereby boosting buyer confidence and interest.

Scale Model Laguna Bay Condominium (Left Side) by Mario Kleff

Scale Model Laguna Bay Condominium (Top View) by Mario Kleff

Construction and Development

Official Permits and Project Scope

The Laguna Bay Condominium complex, located at Romanasia Soi 9 in Pattaya City's Bang Lamung District, comprises two eight-story buildings with over 70 residential units. Mario Kleff's architectural expertise extends beyond Laguna Bay, having also designed the Park Royal series of condominiums on Phra Tamnak Hill.

Heights Holdings Collaboration

The CEO of Heights Holdings, Haim Bar-David, recognized the commercial potential of leveraging Mario Kleff's name in promotional efforts. Wandeegroup Asia's role included providing architectural designs, CGI and rendering, scale models, and obtaining construction permits for various Heights Holdings developments, ensuring the realization of these projects from concept to completion.

Sales and Marketing

Promotional Strategies

Heights Holdings typically employs diverse advertising strategies, including magazines, showrooms, and sales brochures. For Laguna Bay Condominiums 1 and 2, the sales approach was simplified, relying on the credibility of Mario Kleff's name to attract buyers.

Laguna Bay Condominium Sales Brochure Cover

Laguna Bay Condominium Sales Brochure Page 2

Laguna Bay Condominium Sales Brochure Page 3

Laguna Bay Condominium Sales Brochure Back Side

Sales Brochure

A well-designed sales brochure, prominently featuring the headline "Design by Mario Kleff," was pivotal in marketing Laguna Bay Condominium, effectively communicating its unique value proposition.

Question & Answers

General Queries

Who designed the Laguna Bay Condominium?
The Laguna Bay Condominium was designed by Mario Kleff, the director of Wandeegroup Asia.

Where is Laguna Bay Condominium located?
Laguna Bay Condominium is located at Romanasia Soi 9 on Phra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya City's Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150.

What is the significance of the scale model in the development of Laguna Bay?
The scale model, created by Wandeegroup Asia under Mario Kleff's guidance, provided a detailed representation of the project. It aided in design refinement, stakeholder presentations, and was a crucial tool in marketing and sales.

How many residential units are in Laguna Bay Condominium?
Laguna Bay Condominium consists of two eight-story buildings with more than 70 residential units.

What are some key features of Laguna Bay Condominium's design?
Key features include a minimalist interior design with exposed concrete construction, a rooftop jacuzzi pool, and contemporary exterior aesthetics. The design emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and modern elegance.

How did Mario Kleff contribute to the project beyond design?
KMario Kleff and Wandeegroup Asia provided the master plan, interior and exterior designs, scale models, and were involved in obtaining construction permits for the project.

What is the role of Heights Holdings in the Laguna Bay project?
Heights Holdings, led by CEO Haim Bar-David, collaborated on the project, utilizing Mario Kleff's architectural expertise for promotional purposes. They also handled the marketing and sales strategies for the condominium.

How was the Laguna Bay Condominium marketed?
Heights Holdings used a sales brochure prominently featuring 'Design by Mario Kleff' to attract buyers. This approach leveraged Kleff's reputation and the detailed scale model to effectively market the development.

What other projects has Mario Kleff designed in Pattaya?
Mario Kleff has designed several other projects in Pattaya, including Park Royal 1 Condominium, Park Royal 2 Condominium, and Park Royal 3, all located on Phra Tamnak Hill.

Why is the acknowledgment of the architect important in real estate developments?
Acknowledging the architect highlights the design quality and innovative elements of a development, which can enhance its market appeal and credibility. In the case of Laguna Bay, leveraging Mario Kleff's name helped boost buyer confidence and interest.

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