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Mario Kleff Designed Park Royal 3 Condominium in Pattaya

Architect Mario Kleff's ingenuity shines through in the design of Park Royal 3, a condominium complex located in the center of Pattaya's Phra Tamnak Hill. While renowned for his architectural designs, Kleff's collaboration with Wandeegroup Asia showcases the synergy between design and construction.

A Collaborative Effort

Wandeegroup Asia, under the guidance of Mario Kleff, plays a pivotal role in bringing the architect's vision to life. From conceptualization to execution, the partnership between Kleff and Wandeegroup ensures excellence at every stage of development.

Park Royal 3 condominium designed by Mario Kleff

Park Royal 3 condominium cgi by Mario Kleff

Transformative Designs: From Concept to Reality

From the showroom building to the final structure, Park Royal 3 exemplifies Kleff's commitment to innovation. The master plan, meticulously crafted by Kleff, lays the foundation for a modern living experience, while Wandeegroup's construction expertise ensures its realization. For more information on this development visit Majestic Residence Villa: Mario Kleff on Phra Tamnak Pattaya.

Bridging the Past with the Future

Kleff's foresight extends beyond mere architecture; he anticipates the evolving needs of Pattaya's real estate landscape. Together with Heights Holdings Co Ltd, Kleff paves the way for affordable luxury with Park Royal 3 and other H.H. developments.

Park Royal 3 showroom construction Wandeegroup

Beyond Aesthetics: Economic Considerations

While initially conceived as a Bauhaus-inspired masterpiece, economic constraints prompt a pragmatic approach. Kleff's adaptation to white blocks and concrete plaster demonstrates his versatility in balancing design integrity with financial feasibility.

Promoting Progress in Pattaya

Park Royal 3 stands as a symbol to Kleff's multifaceted role as an architect, designer, and catalyst for Pattaya's affortable luxury growth. With Heights Holdings Co Ltd as the developer and Wandeegroup Asia as the construction company, Park Royal 3 heralds a new era of real estate development in Thailand's coastal holiday resort.

Wandeegroup construction Park Royal 3 condominium

Question & Answers

General Queries

Who is the architect of Park Royal 3?
Mario Kleff is the architect, but also the designer and creator of Park Royal 3. Heights Holdings Co LTD is the developer.

When was Park Royal 3 created?
Park Royal 3 was created in 2009.

Which construction company built Park Royal 3?
Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd built Park Royal 3.

When was Park Royal 3 completed?
Park Royal 3 was completed in 2012.

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