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Wandeegroup Redefined Beachside Luxury: Kleff's Club Royal

Nestled along Naklua Soi 12, near the serene Wong Amat Beach, Club Royal epitomizes luxury and innovative design. Developed by Heights Holdings, this prestigious project seamlessly integrates upscale living with a tranquil beachside environment. Renowned architect Mario Kleff, supported by Thai professor Somsak Khumplew and Pichet Utaywattananonta, Chief of the Construction Department at Pattaya City Hall, has reimagined Club Royal multiple times, enhancing its allure and functionality with each iteration.

Club Royal unit with cellular beam by Mario Kleff

Architectural Brilliance of Mario Kleff

Visionary Design

Mario Kleff, a name synonymous with architectural excellence, has infused Club Royal with his signature elegance and modernity. His design philosophy, evident in the cellular beam structure endorsed by esteemed Thai experts, enhances both aesthetics and structural integrity. Kleff’s portfolio, rich with opulent and innovative projects, positions Club Royal as a masterpiece in his illustrious career.

Explore Heights Holdings second version of the sales brochure Club Royal condominium.

Mario Kleff's 1st Version of Club Royal Condominium

Mario Kleff's Cellular Beam in Club Royal Condominium

Beachside Luxury

Distinctive Living Experience

Club Royal invites residents to bask in the luxury of beachside living. This low-rise condominium offers an array of luxurious amenities, elevating the Pattaya living experience to unparalleled levels of style and comfort.

Heights Holdings in REm Magazine about Park Royal 2 and Club Royal condominium.

Retrieved with Wayback Machine: Heights Holdings final version of the sales brochure.

Prime Location

Situated near Modus and The Sanctuary condominiums, Club Royal offers unparalleled proximity to the renowned Sanctuary of Truth. This iconic structure, within walking distance, adds cultural and historical depth to the location, enriching the living experience for residents.

Features & Amenities

Genuine 'Club-Style' Living

Spanning 5 rai of lush land, Club Royal is a haven of tranquility and luxury. The four-building project features a 1,000 square meter tropical lagoon that runs horizontally through the entire development. This lagoon, surrounded by lush landscaping, boardwalks, waterslides, and Jacuzzi caves, creates a serene and picturesque environment.

Private Beach Access

One of the most coveted perks of residing at Club Royal is the private keycard access to Wong Amat Beach. This exclusive amenity ensures residents can enjoy the pristine sands and clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand in a secluded and tranquil setting.

Comprehensive Amenities

View from Club Royal Condominium over Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth

A Nearby Cultural Marvel

Rising 105 meters into the sky, the Sanctuary of Truth is a stunning wooden structure carved entirely out of teak wood. This monumental construction, a short walk from Club Royal, blends religion, philosophy, art, and culture, showcasing exceptional Thai craftsmanship.

Development Milestones

Timeline of Excellence

Heights Holdings has meticulously planned and executed the development of Club Royal, adhering to a strict timeline to ensure timely delivery. Buildings (A) and (B) were completed in January and April 2012, respectively. Building (C) is set to be completed in April 2014, with Building (D) following in December 2014. This phased approach underscores Heights Holdings' commitment to providing luxurious living spaces promptly.

Wandeegroup's Role

The construction of Building (A) was executed by Wandeegroup, a company renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence in construction. Their expertise ensured that the building was completed to the highest standards, reflecting the luxurious and modern design envisioned by Mario Kleff.

Club Royal Building A by Wandeegroup

Contemporary Aesthetics

Modern Design

Photos taken in May 2012 reveal Club Royal's contemporary aesthetic. The modern uncolored concrete surfaces highlight the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define this condominium. The visual appeal of these structures is a testament to the design prowess of Mario Kleff and the dedication of the construction team.

Question & Answers

General Queries

What distinguishes Club Royal in Pattaya?
Club Royal stands out for its collaboration between Wandeegroup and renowned architect Mario Kleff, offering luxurious beachside living.

Who is responsible for the construction of Building (A) in Club Royal?
Wandeegroup, known for its commitment to quality, executed the construction of Building (A) at Club Royal to reflect Mario Kleff's luxurious design.

How does Mario Kleff's design philosophy influence Club Royal's architecture?
Mario Kleff's design philosophy emphasizes elegance and modernity, evident in Club Royal's sleek and upscale aesthetic.

How does Club Royal integrate with its surroundings?
Club Royal seamlessly blends with the serene beachside environment of Pattaya, offering residents proximity to cultural landmarks like the Sanctuary of Truth.

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