Mario Kleff (born November 21, 1967 in Boppard, Germany) is an architect, designer and businessman with a creative lifestyle. Starting in 2002 as a coconut seller in Bang Khun Thian, he became a recognized architect in Thailand. By the end of 2020 Mario Kleff had designed over 150 buildings.

Mario Kleff is undoubtedly the best architect in Pattaya. He copies no designs from others, but creates individual concepts and works according to the code real designer. His construction company Wandeegroup provides what others do not serve — first-class structures.

When Mario Kleff was asked about the best architect in Pattaya, he replied, "There is no really competition. I am proud to be able to design a building, and not to be dictated by a developer."

Minimalist villa by the architect Mario Kleff
Fig.1 - Villa, 900m2 plus pool deck
Minimalist villa by the architect Mario Kleff
Fig.2 - Villa, 1200m2 plus pool deck
Minimalist villa by the architect Mario Kleff
Fig.3 - Villa, 700m2 plus pool deck
Minimalist villa by the architect Mario Kleff
Fig.4 - Villa, 600m2 plus pool deck
Minimalist villa by the architect Mario Kleff
Fig.5 - Villa, 1100m2 plus pool deck
Minimalist villa by the architect Mario Kleff
Fig.6 - Villa, 1800m2 including indoor pool

Designer With A Vison

In 2004 - 2015, architect Mario Kleff generated business opportunities for real estate agencies in Pattaya. Due to a delivery of numerous new apartment blocks, the Wandeegroup was recognized as the most successful architectural company in Pattaya. In 2006, Mario Kleff was invited to participate in the modernization of Pattaya Beach. In a competition, Kleff suggested a museum in the form of a modern concrete structure that should be built in the sea. In the years 2007 - 2018, Mario Kleff designed three skyscrapers, over fifty 8-storey apartment blocks and numerous houses and villas. Wandeegroup received official building permits for each of the projects. In 2018, Mario Kleff and his Wandegroup was commissioned to redesign a mega project. The development included five skyscrapers with heights of up to 278 meter, and a shopping complex. Mario Kleff has designed a hospital between 2018 - 2019 on 11 hectares of land and a rehabilitation facility including landscaping with a lake, public buildings, a hotel, library, sports, spa and meditation buildings and eighty villas on 28 hectares. Architect Mario Kleff believes that a creative lifestyle brings several advantages into business, and opens the mind to create top-class design solutions.

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Top-class architect and best in Pattaya

What defined the best architect in Pattaya is not the fact that Mario Kleff had designed many buildings, but his inventions and integration of modern engineering in the construction business since 2004. It is a simple fact that modern construction technologies and and long-span buildings are introduced in Pattaya of Wandeegroup. Top-class architects understand the need for responsibility and design good buildings in which people can not only live but also feel safe. Pay for top-class architecture in Pattaya, which holds long and without early maintenance and repair work.

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A Top-class construction firm in Pattaya, which is operated by an architect

Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd is a full-service construction company in Pattaya and has been in operation since 2004 as Wandeegroup (Thailand). The top-class construction firm works cleanly and punctual and builds without hidden charges. The Wandeegroup is with a team of over a hundred men and can provide more on request. "Wandee" in Thai means "a good day".

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Architect With A Mission

From the drawing board to the showroom until the completion of the unit

Standards that ain't standards:
Don’t judge a book by its cover has been a good advice since Gutenberg started mass production of literature. If you apply this thinking to the real estate market in Pattaya, you would say: Don’t judge a condo by the showroom! The word showroom is intended to indicate that the room will show potential buyers what the architect has designed and they will later get built. Most of the brochures and renders already have a statement of caution: artist impression only, reality can differ.
So every time I see some of these creative visualisations, I ask myself why the developers so underestimate the intelligence of their customers. I think that customers deserve a better and more respectful treatment – no restaurant would dare to put the lobster on the menu and then proudly serve a couple of shrimps and ask the guest, how was it?
Maybe not everyone will agree and some people think that the more difficult the times are, the more they have to exaggerate their claims. How else could there be people trying to sell a 21 sqm box as a luxurious studio? Or present a plain vanilla standard design tower as "the most luxurious building ever to come to Pattaya ". The guys must have gone nuts.
Call for a quality consensus:
In the near future, Pattaya doesn’t need quick deals to the detriment of naive customers, but careful planning and honesty from the drawing board to the final product being transferred. I am saying this not to divide the market into "the good, the bad and the ugly" but to put the facts on the table and unite the industry for its own benefit. I call for a quality consensus of real estate professionals here in Pattaya, where codes and conducts are agreed to protect the customer – and therefore ultimately the agents and developers who can still look into the eyes of their clients after the development is finished.
Fewer pillars on the plan:
Most floor plans are spacious and with large open spaces. Fewer pillars and smart engineering are the solutions of the architect Mario Kleff.
Higher quality on the market:
In 2022 there is no high-end market for real estate development in Pattaya. For over a decade Mario Kleff tried intensively with new ideas and modern design to convince developers to inject better quality on the market.
Improved construction:
Mario Kleff is the founder and the CEO of Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd, a Pattaya construction firm, which serves first-class processing, advanced technical backup and detailed knowledge of the construction standards for any kind of building.
Cellular beam in Thailand:
The use of the cellular beam in the construction of buildings brings a significant advantage in the construction costs. The cellular beam is also an eye-catcher in the design of modern architecture. Mario Kleff introduced the cellular beam in Thailand in 2007. Since then, numerous real estate developments have been built with the cellular beam and post-tensioned concrete floors in the form of multi-storey modern residential buildings and luxurious villas.
One way or another:
In Germany, Bauhaus and modern architecture was the most inspiring design for the young Mario. He loved the appearance and the idea to create clean environment and infrastructure. In addition to classic education in history and in the elementary design teaching of the old masters in architecture, music and art, Mario Kleff studied Asian aesthetics and contemporary Japanese architecture. Today, Pattaya-based architect Mario Kleff specializes in minimalist and brutalist architecture.
Structures with a name:
Mario Kleff's first structure is the Villa Futureproof, which was designed in 2004.

Other early structures of Mario Kleff:
  • Japanese House I
  • Japanese House II
  • Koi House
  • Falling Rain
  • Capsule House
  • Wing House
A mission not to be missed:

The architect Mario Kleff likes to develop the future of Pattaya with modern infrastructure and high-quality buildings.
Controversial Individual:

Due to his attitude and expression, the architect Mario Kleff is not liked by many, but praised by some.