Pattaya construction and Mario Kleff
1. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd offers earthquake-proof design solutions for modern high-rise construction in Pattaya.
2. Architect Mario Kleff has created a magnificent living room with a pillar-free sea view of 58 meters.
3. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd builds with the most modern technologies. The use of the latest technology improves the quality of construction in Pattaya.
4. Architect and designer Mario Kleff works with sophisticated software to provide customers with the best, sales-oriented results for the real estate industry.
5. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd's experience and design work encompasses a range of high rise and mid-size buildings, department stores, villas, resorts, public and rehab projects.
6. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd focuses on construction projects of up to 10,000 m² per building in Pattaya. We have realized several skeleton structures using different construction techniques, for example the cellular beam for eight-story apartment buildings.
7. Mario Kleff uses the cellular beam for the construction of villas in Pattaya. Wide-span construction, reaches 49 meters between columns.
8. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd built post-tensioned concrete on cellular beam for a number of wide-span construction in Pattaya.
9. Architect Mario Kleff specializes in brutalist architecture and minimalist construction.

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Pattaya Construction, Engineers And Architect
Yes, there is Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd. Perfect for building villas and condominiums in the greater Pattaya area. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd has been operating since 2004 with the architect Mario Kleff under the name Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd is headed by Mario Kleff, a creative designer, engineer and architect. What sets Mario Kleff apart in the field of building architecture and construction is that he designs all types of buildings, from the master plan to the exterior design to the interior design, including the statics or structural engineering and the systems that make the building good. Mario Kleff is not a licensed engineer or architect, but is allowed to work in Thailand as a construction planner, engineer and site manager. Work files leading to building permits are reviewed by Dr Songkiat Matupayont, an advanced engineer from Bangkok who works with Mario on new inventions and cutting-edge designs. More common building plans are signed by official architects employed by Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd.
The construction by Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd will be charged according to the construction plans and materials used. There is a 10% fee and 2-3% overhead. Also remember that 7% sales tax must be added. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd's construction costs are reasonable and no hidden costs. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd builds professional construction in Pattaya and with transparency for customers.
Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd specializes in building high quality pool villas and condominiums with eight floors and up to 10,000 m2 per building in Pattaya. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd can be commissioned with resort and hotel construction in Pattaya as well as architectural designs for high-rise buildings and skyscrapers up to 300 meters high.
Architect Mario Kleff has been working since 2001 in 2D / 3D and VFX on Apple Macintosh and PC with Unreal Engine, Houdini, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Solidworks, Rhinoceros 3D and Autodesk AutoCAD as required. As early as the 1990s, Mario Kleff was working on the Quantel Paintbox Workstation, studying media design and working as an art director for advertising agencies. Yes, Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd can do 3D design and rendering on their purpose built renderfarm CGI and animation for Pattaya real estate developments before construction.
There is a long list of residential projects and villas in Pattaya designed by architect Mario Kleff and construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd. Most of the villas are unknown to the public out of respect for privacy. Construction of condominiums in Pattaya by the Wandeegroup such as Park Royal 1, Park Royal 2, Park Royal 3, Laguna Heights, Laguna Bay, Club Royal, South Beach, Maraka, I-Condo etc.
Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd is the only construction company in Pattaya using advanced engineering technologies, heavy steel, and ultra-strength concrete to build long span villas and condominiums with large steel girders and pre-stressed concrete beams. This is thanks to Mario Kleff, architect of Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd, who has been pushing construction design in Pattaya beyond limits since the beginning of 2004.
Yes, Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd can agree on low budget construction in Pattaya if the client hires the architect Mario Kleff to plan the project. Mario Kleff and his team will serve clients with a bespoke package for construction in Pattaya, including professional blueprints, computer-generated images and scale models.