Wandeegroup Asia can build all kinds of buildings. Modern concrete structures and innovative technical design are the specialty of Wandeegroup Asia. Luxurious pool villas in Pattaya are best built by Wandeegroup Asia. Larger structures like wide-span condominium design are in the range of 3000 to 10000 sqm. Although Wandeegroup Asia can build up high, special structures are preferred.

Fig.1 - Wandeegroup workers build a reinforced concrete foundation.
Fig.2 - Wandeegroup workers built a cantilever of 19 meter.
Swimming pool
Fig.3 - Wandeegroup workers build a swimming pool.
Deep foundation
Fig.4 - Wandeegroup workers build a deep foundation.
Steel structure
Fig.5 - Wandeegroup workers build a steel structure.
Composite structure
Fig.6 - Wandeegroup workers built a composite structure.

General Questions on Pattaya Construction Services

Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD is the best.
Wandeegroup Asia is headed by signature architect Mario Kleff TM.
Wandeegroup Asia is in business since 2004.
Wandeegroup Asia specialize in quality structures.
Wandeegroup Asia is ideal for multi-storey office and condominium structure.
There are numerous condominium blocks and pool villas built by Wandeegroup and Mario Kleff.
Wandeegroup Asia can agree on low budget construction in Pattaya if the customer hire the architect Mario Kleff to plan the project.