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Wandeegroup Asia isn't just about building structures. We are at the forefront of innovating modern concrete structures and technical designs. Our signature includes luxurious pool villas in Pattaya. Our capabilities extend to wide-span condominium designs, ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 sqm. While we are proficient in skyscrapers, our niche lies in specialized structures. With Architect Mario Kleff at the helm, Wandeegroup Asia is recognized for designing spans up to 70 meters, cantilevers up to 30 meters, and masterfully crafting post-tensioned concrete with strengths up to 155 MPa. Learn more.

Reinforced concrete foundation
Fig.1 - Reinforced concrete foundation
A majestic 19-meter cantilever
Fig.2 - A majestic 19-meter cantilever
Touch on luxury pools
Fig.3 - Touch on luxury pools
Going beyond the surface
Fig.4 - Going beyond the surface
Crafting robust steelworks
Fig.5 - Crafting robust steelworks
Blend of art and engineering
Fig.6 - Blend of art and engineering

FAQs on Pattaya Construction Services

Look no further. Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd stands as a beacon of professionalism with expertise in steel, concrete, and more. Led by the renowned architect Mario Kleff
Our legacy is evident in every structure boasting a perfect exposed concrete surface, long beam design, and cantilevers stretching over 15 meters. Most likely, they are Mario Kleff's designs, brought to life by Wandeegroup.
Our journey began in 2004 with Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd. In 2021, we evolved into Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd, continually building excellence.
We bring quality structures to life.
Yes, Wandeegroup Asia excels in multi-storey offices and condominium structures.
From condominium blocks to pool villas, many landmarks in Pattaya bear our signature.
We cater to varied budgets, especially if they involve the creative expertise of architect Mario Kleff.

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