A Guide to New Builds in Construction Excellence in Pattaya

Construction excellence is the hallmark of any successful building project. When constructing houses, villas, condominiums, resorts, or hotels in Pattaya, Wandeegroup stands out as a premier construction company and builder. Following a meticulous and well-planned process is crucial to ensure quality, safety, and durability. This guide outlines the important steps and considerations for Wandeegroup in constructing new builds, ensuring top-notch results for their clients.

This guide outlines the important steps and considerations for Wandeegroup in constructing new builds, ensuring top-notch results for their clients. Wandeegroup has overcome obstacles and issues commonly found in the Thailand construction business. As a family-owned construction business, we have developed over a decade and acquired the knowledge to ensure quality and safety while adhering to budget constraints and build standards.

The construction guide is splitt into two parts: 1. Hoses and Villas and 2. [Condominiums, Resorts, and Hotels].

1. Houses and Villas

Planning and Design

Concept Development: Wandeegroup starts with a clear vision. Their architects and designers collaborate to create a concept that meets the client's needs and complements Pattaya's unique environment.

Wandeegroup Concept House in Pattaya

Wandeegroup CGI of a House Structure in Pattaya

Wandeegroup CGI of a House in Pattaya

Blueprints and Permits: Wandeegroup develops detailed blueprints and obtains necessary permits and approvals from local authorities, ensuring compliance with Pattaya's zoning laws and building codes.

Wandeegroup Blueprint for a House in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Render of a House in Pattaya

Site Preparation

Land Surveying: Wandeegroup conducts a thorough land survey to understand the topography and soil conditions in Pattaya, a vital step for designing the foundation.

Wandeegroup Land Survey for a House in Pattaya

Site Clearing: Wandeegroup teams clear the land of any vegetation, debris, and obstacles using machinery and a labor force, leveling the ground if necessary.

Wandeegroup Land Clearing for a House in Pattaya

Soil Testing: Wandeegroup teams test the soil down to rocks and send the samples to Bangkok for professional checking in the lab.

Wandeegroup Soil Test Samples for a House in Pattaya


Excavation: Wandeegroup digs the foundation trenches according to the blueprint specifications.

WWandeegroup Deep Foundations for a House in Pattay

Laying the Foundation: Wandeegroup pours concrete into the trenches to create a solid base, ensuring proper curing time to enhance strength.

Wandeegroup Foundation for a House in Pattaya

Structural Framework

Framing: Wandeegroup constructs the skeleton of the house or villa using wood or steel, including walls, floors, and roof structures.

Wandeegroup Deep Foundations for a House in Pattay

Wandeegroup Structure Design for a House in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Structure Reinforcement for a House in Pattay

Inspection: Wandeegroup conducts a structural inspection to ensure everything is built according to the design and safety standards.

Wandeegroup Inspect Structure for a House in Pattaya


Roofing: Wandeegroup installs the roof structure and covers it with appropriate materials like tiles or shingles.

Exterior Walls: Wandeegroup builds exterior walls with materials such as brick, stone, or siding and ensures proper insulation is installed.

Wandeegroup Roofing for a House in Pattay

Interior Work

Plumbing and Electrical: Wandeegroup installs plumbing and electrical systems before closing up the walls.

Insulation and Drywall: Wandeegroup adds insulation to enhance energy efficiency and covers walls with drywall.

Finishing Touches: Wandeegroup applies paint, installs flooring, and completes other interior finishes like cabinetry, fixtures, and fittings.

Wandeegroup Interior Work for a House in Pattaya

Final Inspection and Handover

Quality Check: Wandeegroup conducts a thorough inspection to ensure everything is up to standard.

Handover: Wandeegroup presents the finished house or villa to the client, ensuring they are satisfied with the final product.

Wandeegroup Check on a House in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Gardening for a House in Pattay

Wandeegroup Complete House in Pattaya

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2. Condominiums, Resorts, and Hotels

Planning and Design

Market Analysis: Wandeegroup conducts a market analysis to understand the target audience and location suitability in Pattaya.

Design Development: Wandeegroup's architects create designs that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meet the needs of potential occupants or guests.

Regulatory Compliance: Wandeegroup obtains all necessary permits and ensures designs comply with local building codes and regulations.

Wandeegroup Target Market in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Condominium Design in Pattaya

Site Preparation

Land Acquisition: Wandeegroup secures the land for construction, ensuring all legal aspects are covered.

Site Survey and Clearing: Wandeegroup conducts a land survey and clears the site, similar to the process for houses and villas.


Deep Foundation Systems: For large structures like condominiums and hotels, Wandeegroup employs deep foundations like piles or caissons to support the building's weight.

Foundation Slab: Wandeegroup pours a reinforced concrete slab to provide a solid base for the structure.

Wandeegroup Site Preparation for Condominium in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Deep Foundation in Pattaya


Core and Shell Construction: Wandeegroup builds the core (elevators, stairwells) and the shell (external framework), using reinforced concrete or steel for added strength.

Floor Construction: Wandeegroup constructs each floor, ensuring alignment and structural integrity.

Enclosure and Systems

Facade Installation: Wandeegroup installs the building facade, which may include glass, metal panels, or masonry.

HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Systems: Wandeegroup installs heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and electrical systems throughout the building.

Wandeegroup Condominium Shell in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Floor in Condominium in Pattaya

Wandeegroup System in Condominium in Pattaya

Interior Fit-Out

Room Layouts: Wandeegroup constructs interior walls to create individual rooms or units and installs windows and doors.

Interior Finishes: Wandeegroup applies interior finishes such as paint, wallpaper, flooring, and ceilings, and installs lighting fixtures, furniture, and appliances.

Landscaping and Exterior Amenities

Landscaping: Wandeegroup designs and implements landscaping plans, including gardens, walkways, and outdoor amenities.

Amenities: Wandeegroup constructs additional amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and lounges for resorts and hotels.

Wandeegroup Condominium Facade in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Final System Check in Pattaya

Final Inspection and Commissioning

Final Inspection: Wandeegroup conducts a final inspection to ensure all construction work meets quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Handover: Wandeegroup completes the handover process, providing the client with all necessary documentation and keys.

Ongoing Maintenance and Quality Assurance

Maintenance Plan: Wandeegroup develops a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure the building remains in excellent condition.

Quality Assurance: Wandeegroup implements ongoing quality assurance practices to address any issues that arise post-construction.

By following these steps meticulously, Wandeegroup achieves excellence in building new houses, villas, condominiums, resorts, and hotels in Pattaya. Attention to detail, adherence to standards, and thorough planning are key to delivering high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing structures that meet the unique demands of the Pattaya market.

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Question & Answers

General Queries

What makes Wandeegroup stand out in the construction industry in Pattaya?
Wandeegroup distinguishes itself in Pattaya's construction industry through its meticulous planning, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to quality. Their experienced team oversees every aspect of the project, from initial concept development to final inspection. This comprehensive approach ensures that every house, villa, condominium, resort, or hotel they build meets the highest standards of excellence. By prioritizing client needs and adhering to stringent construction practices, Wandeegroup delivers superior results that set them apart from the competition.

What are the key steps in the construction process for a new villa or house by Wandeegroup?
The construction process for a new villa or house by Wandeegroup begins with concept development and design, where the vision is transformed into detailed blueprints. After obtaining the necessary permits, site preparation and land surveying are conducted to ensure a solid foundation. The foundation work is followed by the construction of the structural framework, including roofing and exterior walls. Plumbing and electrical systems are installed before adding insulation and drywall. The process concludes with finishing touches such as paint and flooring. Finally, a thorough inspection is conducted to ensure everything meets the highest standards before the property is handed over to the client.

How does Wandeegroup ensure regulatory compliance and quality in their construction projects?
Wandeegroup ensures regulatory compliance by securing all necessary permits and strictly adhering to local building codes and regulations in Pattaya. Throughout the construction process, they perform regular inspections at various stages to maintain high quality standards. Their comprehensive quality assurance program includes rigorous system testing and final inspections. Additionally, they develop ongoing maintenance plans to address any issues that may arise post-construction, ensuring the long-term durability and integrity of their projects.

What are the benefits of choosing Wandeegroup for constructing a new condominium, resort, or hotel in Pattaya?
Choosing Wandeegroup for constructing a new condominium, resort, or hotel in Pattaya offers numerous benefits. They excel in market analysis to design buildings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their expertise extends to comprehensive site preparation and the implementation of deep foundation systems necessary for large structures. Wandeegroup uses high-quality materials for core and shell construction, ensuring strength and durability. They professionally install HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, and provide luxurious interior finishes and landscaping to create appealing and comfortable spaces. Furthermore, their ongoing maintenance and quality assurance programs guarantee long-term satisfaction and peace of mind for their clients.

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