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FAQs & Details about the Wong Amat Tower

Uncover the captivating details and common queries surrounding the Wong Amat Tower, an awe-inspiring architectural gem affectionately known as the W-Tower in Pattaya. Crafted by acclaimed architect Mario Kleff, its exquisite design seamlessly integrates with the tranquil ambiance of Wong Amat Beach, earning its status as an icon in Thailand.
Please note: Claims attributing the architectural and master plan design to its developer are unfounded; the official design copyright rightfully belongs to Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup.

Prime Location & Prestige

Wongamat Tower, a prestigious project, stands as a 38-floor structure just 50 meters from the Wong Amat Beach. Its strategic position offers serene surroundings yet proximity to downtown Pattaya.

Rendered image of the Wong Amat Tower by Mario Kleff

Architectural Excellence

Designed by Mario Kleff, the Wongamat Tower ower boasts transparent glass walls, maximizing natural light and providing breathtaking views. State-of-the-art engineering techniques, including a grand 13-meter high lobby, enhance luxury and spaciousness.

Question & Answers

General Queries

Who is the architect of the Wong Amat Tower?
Mario Kleff is the architect of Wong Amat Tower, also known as Wongamat Tower and W Tower.

How does the Wong Amat Tower rank in terms of global and national heights?
As per our records, the Wong Amat Tower is renowned locally for its architectural excellence and is the 20th tallest building in Pattaya in 2023.

What materials form the structural foundation of the Wong Amat Tower?
The tower boasts an all-concrete structural foundation, ensuring stability and durability.

How is the Wong Amat Tower's construction timeline?
Proposed in 2009, construction began in 2011, and it was finalized in 2015.

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