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Wandeegroup Asia & Kleff: Structural Engineering Excellence

Innovating Long Span Structures with Expertise in Pattaya

Wandeegroup emerges as a beacon of sophistication in structural engineering, specializing in long span structures executed with finesse. Leveraging prestressed concrete and steel, including box girders and cellular beams, the group pioneers advancements in construction technology in Pattaya.

Wandeegroup Structure Design Villa

Wandeegroup Structure Design Pool Villa

Pushing Boundaries with Cantilever Construction

With a remarkable ability to span up to 50 meters between columns for houses or villas, Wandeegroup showcases its prowess in pushing the boundaries of architectural possibility. Cantilever constructions exceeding 20 meters stand as an identity to the builder's innovative spirit and commitment to excellence.

Wandeegroup Cellular Beam for Cantilever Construction

Wandeegroup Long Span House in Pattaya

Ensuring Earthquake Safety: A Priority Beyond Norms

While earthquake safety may seem unnecessary in Pattaya, Wandeegroup goes above and beyond, integrating sophisticated seismic-resistant designs into luxury villas. Post-tensioning, from foundation to upper slabs and concrete walls, reinforces structures for unparalleled safety and resilience.

Post-tensioned Foundation Construction Pattaya

Floor slab construction for a villa in Pattaya

Bridging the Gap: Experience in Bridge Construction

Structural Mastery Beyond Buildings

Wandeegroup's expertise extends beyond traditional structures to encompass bridge construction. With attention to detail and innovative engineering solutions, the group delivers bridges that stand the test of time; iconic structures in form of buildings.

Wandeegroup Structure for Condominium in Pattaya

Boxgirder construction for villa in Pattaya

Collaboration and Innovation: The Wandeegroup-Mario Kleff Alliance

A Decade of Synergy and Success

Partnering with Mario Kleff since 2005, Wandeegroup pioneers cutting-edge structural and civil engineering solutions. Collaborative efforts result groundbreaking designs that redefine architectural possibilities.

Special Composite Structure for House in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Structure of a Villa in Pattaya

Cementing Partnerships: Collaboration with Concrete Plants

Concrete plants like CPAC collaborate closely with Wandeegroup Asia, supporting architectural needs with high-quality materials and seamless integration. Together, they lay the foundation for innovative and sustainable construction practices.

Construction of a Special Concrete Structure in Pattaya

Wandeegroup Concrete Design in Construction

Pushing Limits: The Longest Prestressed Girder Concept

Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup recently unveiled the concept of the longest prestressed girder used in house construction in Pattaya, spanning an impressive 70 meters. This achievement highlights their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Wandeegroup Long Beam Construction in Pattaya

Enginering Concept for Longest Concrete Beam

Setting Standards: Wandeegroup's Landmark Condominium Design

In 2010, Wandeegroup submitted plans for a groundbreaking 41-meter span condominium design, receiving official construction permits and setting new standards for structural engineering in Pattaya.

Question & Answers

General Queries

What distinguishes Wandeegroup's approach to structural engineering?
Wandeegroup specializes in long-span structures using prestressed concrete and steel, emphasizing seismic safety and innovative designs.

How does Wandeegroup ensure earthquake safety in luxury villa construction in Pattaya?
Wandeegroup employs post-tensioning techniques from foundation to walls, exceeding standard requirements for seismic resilience.

What collaborative efforts have shaped Wandeegroup's success with Mario Kleff?
Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup have partnered since 2010, combining their expertise in structural and civil engineering to pioneer groundbreaking designs.

What notable achievements highlight Wandeegroup's prowess in structural innovation?
Wandeegroup conceptualized the longest prestressed girder for house construction in Pattaya, and successfully designed a 41-meter span condominium, setting new industry standards.

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