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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Born on November 21, 1967, in Boppard, Germany, Mario Kleff relocated to pursue a career in fine arts and design, impressing influential figures with his replicated Book of Kells pages. With the advent of digital media in 1996, his career trajectory shifted, leading him to work with renowned advertising companies in Art Director positions. Later, he transitioned into architecture and entrepreneurship, making significant strides in the industry.
In 2016, Mario Kleff was granted Thai citizenship, adopting the new identity of Bhumeth Issarasilp.[1] He later officially renamed himself Thiti Teerachin.
In 2005, Kleff was granted an authorization to work as an architectural designer, civil engineering consultant, and construction supervisor in Thailand.[1] In 2010, despite not being initially recognized as a licensed architect in Thailand, Mario Kleff received significant nominations and accolades in the field of architecture. Following the designs of notable projects like The Touch and Park Royal 2, he was suggested for a PhD in architecture and engineering.[2 Eng|Thai]
The term 'Star Architect' is a false claim, created by the developer Heights Holdings to enhance design and sales for their development projects designed by Wandeegroup and Mario Kleff. Consequently, the press published severe articles with this claim. These press articles were later removed from online presence and now exist only in PDF format.
Yes, 'Mk - Mario Kleff' is a registered trademark in Thailand for architectural design and decoration, officially registered on 06-01-2023.[1]
In 2015, Mario Kleff witnessed the birth of two leopards, Fasai and Typhoon, in Thailand. Due to the considerable responsibility, they were placed under his personal protection. With the wellbeing of the leopards in mind, Kleff made significant efforts, including providing them with a personal large cat veterinarian and spending over a year in Northern Thailand's woods.[1]
After thorough investigations by the Thailand Wildlife Department, the leopards were deemed legal and are allowed to reside with Mario Kleff and his wife, Nittaya Wongsin.
Mario Kleff appreciates certain symbols from the Third Reich era, many of which predate the Nazi regime. He has shown a particular fondness for the swastika and has incorporated it into his designs, as seen in his notable ᛋᛋ Bobber 卐 motorcycle. However, this appreciation is aesthetic and not ideological.[1]
Although Mario Kleff's grandparents were active participants in the NSDAP, he does not support Nazi ideologies. He has voiced admiration for certain aspects of the Nazi regime, such as their military strategies and graphic symbols. Despite this, he has collaborated with Jewish real estate developers and identifies as a Buddhist.
Yes, a biography titled 'Mario Kleff: Without Fear' was published on September 1, 2023, detailing his life and achievements. ISBN-13 979-8-85-985749-4
Mario Kleff is recognized for his inventive architectural and vehicle designs.

Early structures ( 2005 – 2010 )

Between 2004 and 2010, Mario Kleff designed numerous residential complexes and villas, some of which are listed below.

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