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Facts & Details about Wandeegroup Asia & Wandee Real Estate

This FAQ provides comprehensive information about Wandeegroup Asia and Wandee Real Estate & Services Company Limited, covering their domains, operations, management, and more.

Wandeegroup Asia Company Limited

Logo Wandeegroup Asia

Wandeegroup's Journey and Rebranding

Wandeegroup (Thailand) Company Limited, originally registered on March 28, 2006, has been rebranded as Wandeegroup Asia. Initially headquartered at 162/220-222 Moo 10, Tappraya Road, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri 20150, with a registered capital of THB 2,000,000, the company was involved in architectural services, related technical consultancy, and construction. Despite its defunct status as of June 22, 2020, Wandeegroup (Thailand) has expanded its reach and capabilities under the new brand, aiming to offer enhanced services across the Asia region.

Operational Insights and Key Figures


As the visionary CEO of Wandeegroup Asia, MK is not just erecting buildings; he's crafting design and reshaping the very fabric of community living since 2005. With a firm commitment to sustainability and a narrative-driven philosophy, MK is not merely altering the skyline of Pattaya; he's forging a legacy of innovation and excellence.

Mario Kleff

Wandeegroup's success in the construction field in Pattaya is rooted in collaboration with signature architect Mario Kleff, known for his architectural excellence. Explore if Mario Kleff holds an architectural license in Thailand and understand his impact on the company.

Nittaya Wongsin

Nittaya Wongsin is a key figure in the organization, serving as the COO of Wandeegroup Asia and the Managing Director of Wandee Real Estate & Services. Her leadership plays a crucial role in the operations and strategic direction of both entities.

Bhumeth Issarasilp and Thiti Teerachin

Thiti Teerachin, originally known as Mario Kleff, is a German architect who was granted Thai citizenship and given the Thai name Bhumeth Issarasilp. Later, he changed his name to Thiti Teerachin. As the director of Wandeegroup Asia and the co-author of "Mario Kleff Without Fear," he has made a significant impact in the field. The name Mario Kleff has been transformed into a registered trademark and brand in architecture and decorative design, symbolizing innovation and excellence.

Services and Capabilities

For potential clients and investors focusing on Pattaya and Thailand, Wandeegroup Asia offers a step-by-step guide on beginning a housing project, procedures for land acquisition, and the advantages of choosing their real estate services. The company emphasizes safety in property transactions and provides various payment options for clients.

Design and Construction Excellence

Wandeegroup Asia is known for its capabilities in the construction sector, offering a range of architecture design services to meet client preferences. For design enthusiasts and prospective clients, Wandeegroup Asia provides an immersive experience, showcasing exclusive work samples on the Wandeegroup Display portal. Access is available via a four-digit PIN sent through email.

Wandee Real Estate & Services Company Limited

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Question & Answers

General Queries

How many domains are affiliated with Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd and Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd?
wandeegroup.com, merits.partners and merits.asia

Is Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd operational in 2024?
No, its operations have been inactive since 2019.

What is the relation between Mario Kleff, Bhumeth Issarasilp, and Thiti Teerachin?
Mario Kleff, originally from Boppard, Germany (born November 21, 1967), is an architect, designer, and businessman active in Thailand since 2002. Upon gaining Thai citizenship, he was named Bhumeth Issarasilp and later changed his name to Thiti Teerachin. Mario Kleff continues to be his business and artist name, and as of 2023, it's a registered brand in architecture and decoration in Thailand.

Is Mario Kleff a licensed architect in Thailand?
Mario Kleff was proposed for an honorary architecture degree in 2010 and subsequently for an honorary doctorate in engineering in 2011 by Pichet Uthaiwattananonta, Head of Construction Department Pattaya City-Hall and Dr Matuyapont Songkiat. However, his lack of Thai citizenship in 2010 led the University of Thailand to decline these honors. Despite this, Kleff's contributions to architecture in Thailand have been significant, holding a work permit (No. 1134/47) since 2004 which has facilitated his involvement in planning and constructing a myriad of buildings. As of the present, Mario Kleff has obtained Thai citizenship, and after dedicating over two decades to architecture, he is now eligible to apply for his official architect license in Thailand.

Who heads Wandee Real Estate Co Ltd and Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd?
The CEO is Mario Kleff. The Board comprises Nittaya Wongsin and Thiti Teerachin.

What is the headquarters address?
Both companies are located at 371/2 Moo.12 Chaiyapruek, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150.

What is the registered capital of Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd?
It is THB 300,000,000.

Why should I choose these companies?
They guarantee client satisfaction irrespective of budget or location. With a commitment to excellent architectural and engineering services, they ensure top-tier construction in Pattaya. The architects, especially from MK Architects, push technical boundaries to meet client expectations.

Is Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd primarily a construction company?
Yes, it offers extensive construction services with specialized knowledge in building various structures.

What design styles do Wandeegroup Asia offer?
Wandeegroup cater to diverse styles, from classic to ultra-modern. They are especially renowned for minimalist and industrial designs. With the expertise to enable floor spans of 20m to 60m and cantilever constructions up to 20m, architect Mario Kleff has revolutionized residential building quality. Visit Wongamat-tower, a high-rise building designed by Mario Kleff. Park Royal 2 displays comprehensive information on construction with the cellular beam. You can also explore Laguna Heights Condominium and Suan Sawarn.

Wandeegroup Management

Inside Wandeegroup Asia

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Waraporn Na-Lampang

Mario Kleff
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Mario Kleff
Germany in the 1990s

Thiti Teerachin
Wandeegroup Asia Director & Author

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