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Both companies, Wandee Real Estate and Services Co., Ltd. and Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. have been in business since their establishment in 2003 and 2004. In 2015, Mario Kleff's leopards Fasai and Typhoon were born and the company's office doors were closed to the public until 2018. However, the company continued to design buildings for close and VIP customers as well as for the Thai government. In beginning of 2021, Wandee Real Estate & Services Co., Ltd. reopened business to the public and were entrusted with two construction projects in Pattaya. Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2021 and replaces Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mario Kleff is a German designer and architect, born on November 21, 1967 (age 53) in Boppard. Mario Kleff lives and works in Thailand since 2002. He received Thai citizenship and first changed his name from Mario Kleff to Bhumeth Issarasilp and later to Thiti Teerachin. The name Mario Kleff remains an artist name is pending registered trademark. For more information on Mario Kleff visit our genuine Wandeegroup site Mario Kleff - A Brief Biography or Wikipedia Mario Kleff.

Until further notice, Mario Kleff, (artist name), is the CEO of Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. and Bhumeth Issarasilp is the registered director of board Wandee Real Estate and Services Co., Ltd. Thiti Teerachin is the registered director of board Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd.
Only Thai citizens can register as an architect. Mario Kleff is a Thai citizen and has not yet been registered as a licensed architect, although he was recommended for an honorary degree in architecture by Pichet Uthaiwattananota (Thai: พิเชษฐ อุทัยวัฒนานนท์) director of the Pattaya City Building Authority from 2006-2011, in 2010. He received the work permit (work permit No. 1134/47) as a building designer, engineer and construction manager in connection with Wandee Real Estate and Services Co., Ltd. and Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 2004. This work permit legitimizes him as a fully authorized person to design and build all types of buildings. Mario Kleff receives the signatures required for the planning(s) permit from his employees, who are licensed architects and engineers. Dr. Somkiat Matupayont who also approves Mario Kleff designs, is an advanced engineer from Bangkok who has been working with Mario Kleff since 2009, provides signatures for technical innovations, state-of-the-art building technologies and long span construction developements.
Mario Kleff is the current CEO of Wandee Real Estate and Services Co., Ltd. and Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. Board of Directors: Nittaya Wongsin and Bhumeth Issarasilp. Within 2021, the company registration and information of director Bhumeth Issarasilp will be updated.
Update 06-180-2021: Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. founding member and registered director is Thiti Teerachin.
856 Moo 12, Thappraya Road, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150.
NEW address as of July 2021.
Services and Thailand
Book and appointment with the CEO and architect Mario Kleff. Visit (a genuine Wandeegroup domain) and prepare for a few questions, then submit the our package online form.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Contact Nittaya Wongsin
  • Discuss needs and expectations
  • Make an appointment
  • The Wandee Real Estate and Services Co., Ltd. offer comprehensive services include real estate analysis, strategy, consulting, project development, investment management, marketing and sales. Legal practices: corporate law, tax law, finance law, real estate law.
At Wandee Real Estate and Services Co., Ltd. and Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd., we offer a great, 100% service for clients, regardless of budget and location.
Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. prides itself on providing the very best in architecture and engineering services, including professional construction, in the Chonburi area of Thailand. We offer excellent designs and can provide any required pre and post construction permits.
The architect and designer Mario Kleff and the Wandeegroup will push the technical possibilities in building construction to their limits in order to meet your expectations, from timeless to ultra-modern design. We have a proven track record and a world-class international clientele.
Wandee Real Estate and Services Co., Ltd. has been in operation since of 2003. The roots of this company go deep into the local Chonburi and Pattaya communities as well as into government relations.
There are a number of reasons why you should do so:
  • Thailand has a growing rate for private and commercial property value.
  • Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui are among the most desirable residential and business locations.
  • Thailand is an international marketplace. This means that you can sell your property in Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui as well as on any other city such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and thus increase your earning potential.
Money transfer is possible at any registered bank. The best way to deal with us is to pay in cash. We can advise with the best option in terms of tax regulations.
The property will be offered to our our VIP clients, investors and online network:
  • Quick and responsive.
  • Reliable.
  • Only serious buyers.
Design and Construction
The Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. operates a full-service construction business with in-depth knowledge for the construction of all types of buildings.
A lobster, not a shrimp (pdf-file). Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of styles from classic to ultra-modern and many architectural styles in between.
Minimalist and Industrial is maintained to be the best in class. This ensures smooth operation on site. The know-how of the Wandeegroup enables floor spans of up to 60.00 meters between columns and cantilever construction of up to 20.00 meters.