Nittaya Wongsin: Leading Real Estate COO in Pattaya

Nittaya Wongsin, often referred to as Meow, serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Wandeegroup Asia Company Limited, based in Pattaya, Thailand. With her extensive expertise in business and marketing, Nittaya, a skilled entrepreneur and marketer, has been instrumental in driving the company's success.

Nittaya Wongsin COO of Wandeegroup Asia

From Business Scholar to Real Estate Professional

Born and raised in Rayong, Thailand, Nittaya pursued higher education in business and international relations, earning degrees from ABAC University in Bangkok and Lancaster University in the UK. Her professional journey includes roles at prominent organizations such as the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Avon, where she gained valuable experience in marketing and management.

Nittaya Wongsin Chief Executive Officer Wandeegroup Asia

Behind Wandeegroup: The Success Story of Nittaya Wongsin

In 2003, Nittaya ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her own real estate agency in Pattaya. Her expertise and commitment quickly earned her a reputation for reliability and efficiency in the competitive property market.

Nittaya's life took a transformative turn when she met Mario Kleff, her future husband and business partner. Together, they founded the Wandeegroup, combining Nittaya's financial acumen with Mario's architectural vision. (alternate "Trust" link)

Their partnership extends beyond business, as evidenced by their collaborative projects, including the Sun Diego Resort Villa Pattaya. Nittaya continues to be a prominent figure in Thailand's real estate sector, contributing to the industry's growth and development.

Meet Jiang Li Wongsin: The Youngest Member of Wandeegroup's Legacy

Growing up into a multi-faceted world of creativity, design, and international business is Jiang Li Wongsin (aka Ming Ming), the daughter of Nittaya Wongsin and Mario Kleff. Despite being just five years old, she seamlessly integrates into the Wandeegroup family, showcasing extraordinary self-organization and confidence. From overseeing office routines to engaging in after-school activities like dancing and Taek Won Do, Ming Ming's dynamic lifestyle reflects her parents' entrepreneurial spirit and passion for excellence.

Meet the leopards Fasai and Typhoon: Support in the Journey

Nittaya Wongsin, Mario Kleff's wife, played an integral role in the journey of Fasai and Typhoon. Her unwavering support and dedication were crucial in navigating the legal and practical challenges of owning leopards as pets. Nittaya worked tirelessly alongside Mario, helping to ensure the leopards' well-being and advocating for their right to stay with the family. She managed daily care tasks, facilitated their living conditions, and supported Mario during the 18 months they spent living outdoors. Nittaya's commitment and love for Fasai and Typhoon were pivotal in the successful integration of these majestic animals into their family.

Question & Answers

Quick information that could be of interest

What was Nittaya Wongsin's educational background?
Nittaya attended St. Paul’s Catholic School in Sri Racha before pursuing a business degree at ABAC University in Bangkok and later completing a Post-Grad Diploma in International Relations at Lancaster University, UK. She capped her academic journey with an MBA from Cardiff University.

How did Nittaya transition into the real estate industry?
Inspired by her father's advice and her desire to be closer to her family, Nittaya established her own real estate agency in Pattaya after gaining valuable experience in marketing and management roles at renowned organizations like Avon and the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

What attributes contributed to Nittaya's success in real estate?
Nittaya's success in real estate can be attributed to her work-oriented nature, her reputation for reliability and efficiency, and her ability to build trust with clients through plain-speaking and keeping promises.

How did Nittaya's upbringing influence her career choices?
Nittaya's upbringing in a strict Chinese household instilled in her a strong work ethic and a penchant for embracing change and challenges, which ultimately shaped her career trajectory and success in various industries.

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