Mario Kleff
Architect Mario Kleff


Mario Kleff, November 21, 1967 (age 53)

Boppard, Germany



Other names

Thiti Teerachin


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Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd.

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Nittaya Wongsin


Jiang Li Wongsin, Banù Çaĝiran, Lale Çaĝiran, Tara Arabella de Buitléir, Miró Dollinger


Heinrich Kleff (father) Adelheid Kleff (mother)



Frame of the 1992 interview with television  channel SWF3: Mario Kleff reproduced the Book of Kells at the Marksburg

Frame of the 1994 interview with television channel SWF3: Mario Kleff reproduced the Book of Kells at the Marksburg

Mario Kleff

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A Brief Biography

From an arts student to Wandeegroup CEO

Mario Kleff was born on November 21, 1967 in Boppard, Germany and is a working architect, designer and entrepreneur. He moved to Munich in 1990 to pursue a carrier in fine art and followed it with a series of exhibitions about the ancient Book of Kells in 1993 in association with Gutenberg Museum  located in the old part of Mainz, curator Dr. Adolf Wild and Dom and Diocesan Museum curator Professor Michael Embach in Trier 1997. This brought him to the attention of the public and earned him widespread acclaimed from distinguished sources, including by his Excellency Pádraig Murphy, Ambassador of Ireland, and Trier Canon Prälat Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Ronig, expert on illuminated manuscript.

Together with the publisher Urs Graf Verlag Bern and the facsimile publisher Urs Düggelin from Switzerland, Mario Kleff presented the reproduction [1] of the Book of Kells to the public in a traveling exhibition. During his art studies from 1990 - 1992 he lived with the kind permission of Uta Countess von Bassewitz and Cornelia von Guilleaume, daughters of Herwart von Guilleaume, in the Villa Haus Herresberg on the banks of the Rhine near Remagen. With the permission of Tilla Baroness von der Goltz and Busso von der Dollen, German Castles Association, and friendship to his arts administration Gabriele Fischer from Obernhof, he regularly made calligraphy reproductions of the Book of Kells in the Marksburg from 1990 - 1994.

Mario Kleff's carrier was enhanced in 1996 by the event of new media.

He won critical acclaim and became art director at BBDO, one of the largest advertising agencies network, with its headquarters in New York. Hakuhodo, is Japan's second largest advertising agency and world-wide recognized as one of the top public relations companies, where he created marketing mix, but received harsh feedback for controversial performance art. Visitors to his exhibition in Munich and Vienna volunteered sample of their own blood for silk screen prints and he challenged the art world with claims such as Art is dead and Do Ut Des.

The formula do ut des ("I give that you might give") expresses the reciprocity of exchange between human being and deity, reflecting the importance of gift-giving as a mutual obligation in ancient society and the contractual nature of the religion in ancient Rome.

Years In Thailand

Mario Kleff moved to Bangkok (Thai: กรุงเทพมหานคร, RTGS: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, [krūŋ tʰêːp mahǎː nákʰɔ̄ːn] (Play sound listen)), the capital of Thailand to the end of 2001. After spending some time getting acquainted with the language and culture, he moved on in 2004 to Pattaya (Thai: พัทยา, RTGS: Phatthaya, pronounced [pʰát.tʰā.jāː] (Play sound listen)) in the Chonburi (Thai: ชลบุรี, RTGS: Chon Buri, [tɕ͡ʰōn bū.rīː] (Play sound listen)) region. Within the first year he founded his architecture firm and the associated construction company Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co. Ltd. and built his office at 162/220, Thappraya Road, Bang Lamung District. In the following year, 2005, he married his Thai Chinese wife Nittaya Wongsin at the Buddhist temple Wat Yannasangwararam (Thai: วัดญาณสังวรารามวรมหาวิหาร, RTGS: Wat Yannasangwararam [wát jaːnnáʔsǎŋwáʔraːraːm] (Play sound listen)), in short: Wat Yan.

Within the years 2004-2015, his company has delivered an exceptional mix of new building designs and continuously business opportunity for real estate development in Thailand and abroad. In 2018, he was contracted on a major property development in Thakhek (Lao: ທ່າແຂກ (Play sound listen)), Laos, were he created high-rise buildings with heights of up to 278 meters including a shopping complex to be build on 7 hectare of land.

In the same year and into 2019, Mario Kleff has designed a rehabilitation facility including a hospital on 28 hectare of land in the Nakhon Ratchasima Province (Thai: นครราชสีมา, pronounced [ná(ʔ).kʰɔ̄ːn râːt.t͡ɕʰā.sǐː.māː] ( Play sound listen)), often called Khorat (Thai: โคราช, pronounced  [kʰōː.râːt] (Play sound listen)) (alternate spelling Korat) for Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn (Thai : สมเด็จพระเจ้าน้องนางเธอ เจ้าฟ้าจุฬาภรณวลัยลักษณ์ อัครราชกุมารี, (Play sound listen)) and the Chulabhorn Research Institute under the patronage of Major General Santisri Sermphok (Thai: สันติ ศรีเสริมโภค, (Play sound listen)), pictured right.

With his ideas, Mario pushed the boundaries not only in the field of architecture, but came up with innovative structural engineering solutions including the introduction [2] of the cellular beam, a newer version of the castellated beam that required support from the authorities of local construction departments such as he gained a Letter of Recommendation [3] or an honoree degree in architecture from Pichet Uthaiwattananota (Thai: พิเชษฐ อุทัยวัฒนานนท์, (Play sound listen)) Head of the Construction Department Pattaya City from 2006-2011.

Mario Kleff in 2018 in meeting with Major General Santisri Sermphok (Thai: สันติ ศรีเสริมโภค)

Mario Kleff in a meeting with Major General Santisri Sermphok (center) held in Thailand's Northern province Chiang Mai (/ˌtʃæŋ ˈmaɪ/, from Thai: เชียงใหม่ [tɕʰīəŋ màj] (Play sound listen)

What sets Mario Kleff apart in the field of building architecture is that he designs all types of buildings, from master plan to exterior design to interior design, including construction engineering and the systems that make the building well. Mario Kleff is a German architect who is allowed to work in Thailand as a building designer, engineer and construction supervisor [4]. Signatures leading to planning permission are given by Dr. Sonkiat Matupayont, an advanced engineer from Bangkok who works with Mario on new inventions and state of the art construction. [ Scroll to page top ]

Notable work in the field of building architecture

Mario Kleff together with developer Heights Holdings CEO Haim Bar-David and Wandeegroup (Thailand) construction worker on the Wongamat Tower construction site in Pattaya

Mario Kleff together with developer Heights Holdings CEO Haim Bar-David and Wandeegroup (Thailand) construction worker on the Wongamat Tower construction site in Pattaya (Thai: พัทยา, RTGS: Phatthaya, pronounced [pʰát.tʰā.jāː] (Play sound listen))

High-rise, Wong Amat Tower

The Wongamat Tower, also called Wong Amat Tower located in Pattaya Nuea, comprises of a single 38-story building with 361 units, which was completed in 2015. The original building was designed entirely by Mario Kleff in 2008 [5], including comprehensive planningbuilding design and structural drawing, incorporated the use of cellular steel and modular design. The original steel frame was later redesigned and replaced with reinforced concrete columns and post-tensioned slab. Mario Kleff owns the copyright to the design and has given the property developer Heights Holdings permission to make changes to the building. Characteristics of the building are earthquake-resistant structure and wide-span construction.

High-rise, Touch condominium

The Touch is a 33-storey high-rise designed for construction [6] on Phra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya. It is the tallest building permitted at this location and is the only high-rise building in Thailand with just two pillars supporting the structure and with a clear construction span of 25.00 meters between pillars. The designer and project owner is Mario Kleff. After receiving the planning permit, construction began in December 2011. The project was later sold before construction was completed. The new building built on this foundation is called Andromeda. Features of the Touch: Earthquake-proof, two reinforced hollow-core concrete columns that support the structure, cellular steel girders with a length of 25.00 meters from

column to column, unblocked sea-view, ceiling heights of 4.00 to 9.00 meters and a glass façade. The building is called Touch because of its feature to control the building system from smartphone and tablet.

Park Royal 2 apartment building

The project comprises of a single 9-story, 85-unit building that was completed in 2011. It is part of the Park Royal series 1-3. Notable feature: Use of cellular beams and prestressed concrete slabs with a span of 24.00 x 27.00 meters.

Japanese House

A residential project on Phra Tamnak Hill, comprises of a single 2-story villa that was completed in 2010. Special features include long span, cantilever [7], large underground level and heavy use of concrete and steel with over hundred bored piles.

Park Royal 2, designed in 2008 by Mario Kleff, is a 8-storey apartment building - built with cellular beam combined post-tensioned concrete slab 24.00 x 27.00 meters.

Park Royal 2, designed in 2008 by Mario Kleff, is a 8-storey apartment building - built with cellular beam, a newer version of the castellated beam, combined post-tensioned concrete slab 24.00 x 27.00 meters.

This construction method was the first to be permitted at the Pattaya City-Hall Construction Department.

Design Trademarks

Heavy Building Construction: Mario Kleff's formula to remember: large steel girders + prestressed concrete elements + cable systems + composite design + modular technology = villa

Residential buildings

Real estate projects designed by Mario Kleff are never lacking in stability or extravagance. The heavy use of concrete and steel is the hallmark that people have seen on almost every Wandeegroup project over the years. Components used in bridge construction including box girders, hollow-core concrete slabs, post-tensioned decks, and anything used over the main deck of a bridge, such as: steel truss systems, prefabricated prestressed concrete structure, stay cable systems, cable suspension systems, etc., which according to his customers can be found on villa projects. Mario likes large steel girders to create pillar-free, large-span living spaces. Some of his living concepts can be found with a cantilever structure of up to 20.00 meters, other buildings with only one support column and a height of up to 50.00 meters. Villas with a column-free sea view of up to 60.00 meters in the living room can be ordered from Mario Kleff. [ Scroll to page top ]

Custom Motorcycles

Thailand Dragon - the world's only known Harley Davidson street engine with a displacement of 3.650 cc

Thailand Dragon - the world's only known Harley Davidson street engine with a displacement of 3,650 cc and an output of 300 hp


Mario Kleff has been building and driving customer-specific motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson, since 1986. After learning about the style and performance of the original Shovelhead and Evolution engines, he decided to step up performance by building the new engines with different materials to increase stability and longevity. In order to feel comfortable and extend his personality to the motorcycle, Mario created numerous bobber and chopper, each different and each representing a work

900 horsepower Super Mario Hayabusa engine built by Sean Mills at Big CC Racing

Dynometer test of Mario Kleff's street-legal Super Mario engine built by Sean Mills, Big CC Racing in England. 900 hp

Purple Rain - a street-legal custom chopper for Thailand's roads built by Mario Kleff. It features a 2.600 cc V2 custom engine.

Purple Rain - a street-legal custom chopper for Thailand's roads built by Mario Kleff. It features a 2,600 cc V2 custom engine. 

of art, and rode them on the streets of Thailand - the Bobba v.3 (2,600 cc). the Black Mamba (2,540 cc , the Thailand Dragon (3,600 cc) and the Purple Rain v.2 (2,600 cc) to name just a few. For the production and finishing, Mario worked with high-quality materials such as titanium, aerospace aluminum, magnesium, metal matrix composites and carbon fibers. [ Scroll to page top ]

Mario Kleff lives a high performance lifestyle [8], and such a lifestyle requires high performance vehicles. Over the years he created a variety of extreme custom motorcycles, including building internal combustion engines, tailored to his needs. Engine manufacturers from the USA, Italy, England and Germany supplied parts for car engines and with displacement of up to 15,000 cubic centimeter (symbol cm³ or cc) and 2,000 horsepower [9] as well as motorcycle engines with up to 3,700 cc and up to 1,000 hp. To ensure handling and safe driving, Mario developed his own chassis, body, wheels and brakes. In his architecture office he created unique vehicles, from CAD drawings and CGI rendering on the computer to CNC machining and welding work in the workshop. Harley Davidson, Suzuki Hayabusa, Mopar and drag cars are his preferred choices.


In recent years he has also developed unique and powerful scooter such as Vespas with V2 turbo engines with 2,540 cc displacement, Mod Dam (Thai: มดดำ, ( Play sound listen)), a Honda MSX with a new engine supplied by one of the best motorcycle developers Duccati Corse with its flagship Panigale 1199 R and a Honda Zoomer with almost 800 hp on the rear wheel powered by a custom turbo charged Hayabusa engine, namely the Super Mario, built by Big CC Racing, it is the most powerful minibike in the world.

Life With Leopards

Mario Kleff in 2019 with his male leopard Typhoon.

Mario Kleff in 2019 with his male leopard Typhoon.

Mario Kleff's leopards Fasai and Typhoon

Mario's experience with wildlife dates back to his childhood when he spent time in North Africa. It left such a deep memory that Mario regularly visited zoos whenever he had time, not in front of the glass but inside, together with the wild cats. He spent hours with jaguars and leopards who were deeply connected to him. In 2015 Mario Kleff witnessed the birth of two leopards, which he later named Fasai and Typhoon. Shortly after birth, a decision had to be made how to handle these young creatures, as time and responsibility are factors that would affect day-to-day operations. Mario decided to adopt Fasai and Typhoon under his personal care. Since then, both leopards have lived together as companions in his office, house and outdoors [10]

Mario provided Fasai and Typhoon with a personal veterinarian who specialized in big cats, and sent a team of his office workers to South Africa for training and comprehensive information on how to handle leopards in domestication and healthcare. To get the most out of their life, Mario Kleff lived for 13 months outdoors in sunshine and rain in Thailand's northern mountain and forest region with no walls, no kitchen, no bedroom or bathroom. The food was provided by Mario's wife, Nittaya Wongsin, who visited them regularly in the morning and during the day. For the years 2015-2018 Mario closed the office doors of his architecture office

and construction company Wandeegroup (Thailand) Company Limited in Pattaya. He founded Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. in 2021 [ Scroll to page top ]

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