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Welcome to Wandeegroup Asia, where architectural mastery meets construction brilliance in Pattaya. As premier general contractors and visionary home builders, we've earned our stripes through years of relentless pursuit of excellence. Our commitment as one of Pattaya's leading construction companies guarantees that each project we embark upon is a showcase of unparalleled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. At the helm of every construction site is the renewed architect Mario Kleff, ensuring that Wandeegroup's standards remain unrivaled. - Thiti Teerachin, director and author of Mario Kleff Without Fear

Construction Excellence: Home Builder, Contractor in Pattaya

At the forefront of construction excellence in Pattaya stands Wandeegroup Asia, renowned not only as a powerhouse in construction but also esteemed for their prowess as a general contractor and home builder. Offering a comprehensive array of services from initial design conception to final execution, they epitomize versatility within the industry. Central to the company's exceptional architectural designs is Mario Kleff, the Signature Architect, whose expertise extends through MK Architects.

Under Mario Kleff's discerning leadership, every Wandeegroup construction team ensures the delivery of unparalleled craftsmanship. Recognized as Pattaya's Signature Architect, Mario has been instrumental in driving numerous groundbreaking real estate developments across Thailand since 2005.

Announcement (08-05-2023): Presenting Zenith Residences Pattaya, the pinnacle of luxury real estate. Featuring exquisite villas and premium mansions envisioned by the award-winning architect, Mario Kleff. Proudly crafted by Wandeegroup Asia.

Architect Mario Kleff spearheads the development and construction of Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas in Pattaya Architect Mario Kleff spearheads the development and construction of Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas in Pattaya.

Quality and Precision in Construction Work

In the bustling realm of Pattaya's construction, general contractors often differ in their approach. While many large-scale projects might rely on subcontractors and foreign laborers, Wandeegroup Asia, as a leading builder, ensures that Thai experts are at the forefront of their endeavors.

Rooted in Family Values and Expertise

Wandeegroup Asia, a family-owned construction entity based in Pattaya, boasts a dedicated core team of over 50 seasoned Thai professionals. This includes expert Thai foremen, each possessing more than 15 years of specialized knowledge and experience in the field.

A Robust Network and Unwavering Commitment

Wandeegroup Asia stands prepared with a robust workforce of over 300 personnel, ready to take on substantial projects at a moment's notice. Throughout the year, many of these skilled laborers can be spotted working on high-rise and low-rise condominium sites in Pattaya, even those managed by other real estate developers. This versatility extends further with Wandeegroup's trusted provision of construction workers for external projects.

Committed to Excellence

With in-house welders and form builders that epitomize the gold standard in concrete and steel work, Wandeegroup Asia ensures top-tier execution. By aligning with only the best, they guarantee that all projects not only meet but exceed expectations. Their dedication is evident, with all teams consistently completing projects on schedule.

A team from Wandeegroup Asia is actively working on a construction site in Pattaya A team from Wandeegroup Asia is actively working on a construction site in Pattaya.

Mario Kleff, Prapat Boonlualoah, and Dr. Songkiat Matupayont are distinguished leaders in their respective fields, collaborating in Bangkok Mario Kleff, Prapat Boonlualoah, and Dr. Songkiat Matupayont are distinguished leaders in their respective fields, collaborating in Bangkok.

Masters of Concrete and Steel Construction

Wandeegroup Asia is more than just a builder; they're a symbol of innovation and craftsmanship in Pattaya. As a distinguished general contractor, they've mastered techniques in post-tensioned concrete, extended spans, and cellular beam designs. From 2006 to 2023, the eminent architect Mario Kleff designed over 50 multi-story apartment and condominium buildings, of which more than 10 were constructed by Wandeegroup.

A Glimpse of Excellence in Chon Buri

Wandeegroup's journey from an architectural firm to a comprehensive home builder and general contractor in Pattaya showcases their adaptability and commitment to excellence. Many contemporary villas and opulent residences constructed by Wandeegroup grace the landscape of the Thai province of Chon Buri. Among these architectural marvels is the iconic Japanese House II located in Pattaya.

Evolution from Architecture to Real Estate Development

With a foundation in the real estate sector since 2003, Wandeegroup and its associate firm, Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd, bring forth not just profound expertise in construction techniques, but also a deep understanding and accountability in scheduling, cost, and sales.

In 2022, Wandeegroup Asia embarked on the esteemed real estate project, Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas This initiative followed the unveiling of Majestic Residence Villa 366/99, hailed as one of the most splendid villas ever constructed in Pattaya.

Cantilever designs in Majestic Residence Villa 366/99, Pattaya Cantilever designs in Majestic Residence Villa 366/99, Pattaya.

Penthouse floor in Majestic Residence Villa 366/99, Pattaya Penthouse floor in Majestic Residence Villa 366/99, Pattaya.
The Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas property development encompasses a collection of 12 distinct buildings
Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas
Signature Villas

Prominent design and construction endeavors by Wandeegroup (Thailand), today Asia
Wandeegroup Asia and Wandeegroup (Thailand) Overview

Associated Entities

Logo Wandeegroups Asia Co Ltd Wandeegroup Asia and Wandeegroup (Thailand) Overview: Wandeegroup (Thailand), the precursor design company, transitioned into a construction firm in 2004 and remained active till the close of 2017.

Additional family-affiliated ventures encompass MIN design and Wandee Real Estate & Services. Established in 2003, the latter was in operation up to 2016 with a registered capital of 300,000,000 THB. Its founder and CEO, Nittaya Wongsin, later assumed the name Saranya Wongsasintan.

Notable Mentions: Mario Kleff, the original founder of Wandeegroup (Thailand), was granted Thai citizenship in 2016 and adopted the name Thiti Teerachin. By 2023, his birth name was formally trademarked in Thailand, specifically for use in decorative and architectural designs.

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FAQ on Mario Kleff and past projects

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Entrust your vision to the hands that have sculpted Pattaya's skyline. Whether it's a new home, a condominium complex, or a unique architectural marvel, Wandeegroup Asia is ready to turn your dream into a tangible masterpiece.

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Thiti Teerachin (Mario Kleff), Founder and CEO

Thiti Teerachin

CEO & Founder

Thiti Teerachin, alias Mario Kleff, is an architect, designer and engineer for property development.


Saranya Wongsasintan (Nittaya Wongsion), COO

Saranya Wongsasintan

COO & Founder

Saranya Wongsasintan, alias Nittaya Wongsin, is a Thai-Chinese finance manager and leader.


Facebook Waraporn Na-Lampang (Oingo Boingo), Architect

Waraporn Na-Lampang

Architect & Shareholder

Waraporn Na-Lampang, alias Oingo Boingo, is a Thai architect on site and a tiger master.


Webpage: CASE Thai, Dr Songkiat Matupayont

Dr Songkiat Matupayont

Engineer & Technical Adviser

Dr Songkiat Matupayont is a Thai-Chinese engineer and technical adviser on special structures.


Phone: +66 64 319 6283 | Postal address: Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. 371/2 Moo.12 Chaiyapruek, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, TH

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